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Tax funded organization erects anti-marijuana billboard in San Antonio

A billboard erected in San Antonio by a substance abuse organization.
A billboard erected in San Antonio by a substance abuse organization.

An anti-marijuana billboard has been erected in San Antonio, and it has some people scratching their heads.

Located on Highway 281, the billboard appears to show that there is a grim dead end for those who consume cannabis.

The billboard’s number links back to The Brazos Valley Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, a non-profit organization located in Bryan which says they are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse.

According to their website:

BVCASA is the only non-profit organization in the Brazos Valley with comprehensive youth and adult programs, including state-approved MIP and DWI classes, drug education, substance abuse and tobacco prevention for youth and adults, screening services, outpatient treatment for youth and adults, and residential and outpatient aftercare treatment for adults in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

A local resident, Arthur Thomas, snapped a picture of the billboard when he saw it.

“It surprised me when I saw it, I wasn’t sure if it was a real ad or maybe a spoof trying to get people to call in and learn more,” he told Texas Cannabis Report.

Thomas, who works with the Bexar County Libertarian Party, then said that afterwards, he was slightly upset with the billboard.

“If you really care about something why try to cause fear? Why not just tell people the truth and let that be how people decide? Why try and control with fear?”

The major revenue streams for BVCASA are the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Meaning that most of its funding comes from tax payer money.

Other funding streams that contribute to BVCASA’s overall revenue include Brazos Bingo, United Way of the Brazos Valley, the U.S. Probation Office–Southern District of Texas, Medicaid, Private Insurance, fees (co-pays/co-insurance, class fees for DWI, MIP and Choices Not Chances), and private donations, in addition to other short-term grant opportunities.

The organization did not return a request for comment by the time of publishing this story.

Several bills are set to be discussed in the state legislature this year concerning marijuana, including both medical marijuana and penalty reductions for possessing small amounts of cannabis.

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