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Texas advertising firm jumps into the marijuana market

Smoke Signal AdvertisingAn east Texas marketing and advertising firm is jumping into a newly emerging market surrounding marijuana stores.

While they won’t be getting any customers in Texas, Smoke Signal Advertising, located in Tyler, plans to work with cannabis stores to help guide them through the onerous regulations surrounding advertising in the new industry.

“The advertising laws and regulations are very complex,” firm Principal Kamren Scott told WOAI. “They are different in every state and it is going to be very difficult for all these new businesses to get through all that, so that is our expertise.”

“There are a few other advertising companies that are doing this, but the field is so new there are not many,” she said. “They are just starting out, like we are.”

The four person firm is studying the various laws in both medical and fully legal states. Right now that means they can do business in 32 states, and Texas isn’t one of them.

In a state like Colorado, it is illegal to advertise on radio, television, online, and in most print publications, restrictions which are being challenged in court as a violation of the First Amendment, unless a company can prove that no more than thirty percent of the targeted audience is under the age of 21.

This does not apply to medical dispensaries though, only legal shops.

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