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Texas deputy climbs into porta potty tank to retrieve marijuana

Fayette County Sheriff's Office
Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

A Texas deputy made an arrest for over half a ton of marijuana after he climbed inside the tank of a porta potty truck to make the bust.

Jose Navarro, 42, of Laredo, was driving the truck when he was pulled over in Fayette county on Interstate 10. After speaking with Navarro, the deputy found red flags with his story and asked to search the vehicle, which he consented to.

The K-9 unit alerted on the truck, which did have sewage stored in it, along with about 1,500 pounds of marijuana.

Lt. David Beyer of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News “it smelled pretty rough…he had to climb inside the truck and fish it out.”

Navarro owns the waste company, but was having financial difficulties, he told police. That’s what led him to smuggle the cannabis, Beyer said.

A picture supplied by the department shows the large quantity of marijuana that was stored in dozens of black plastic garbage bags.

“A couple of the bags were ripped,” Byer said. “I don’t think they are any good because there was actual waste in there.”

“It took everything I had when working because it smelled pitiful,” he said.

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