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Texas man hit with fine after leaving weed in Colorado hotel room

No good deed goes unpunished they say, and in the case of a Texan vacationing in Colorado, he was initially punished to the tune of $200.

Speaking to the Cannabist, Louis, who declined to give his last name, said that he was on a snowboarding trip to Colorado and staying at the Hyatt Place Denver/Cherry Creek. When he arrived at the hotel, he had already purchased some legal cannabis and intended smoke it in his room, but since his window would not open he opted to consume it elsewhere.

After his vacation was over and it was time to fly back home to Texas, Louis had some leftover bud but didn’t want to take it on the plane or across state lines.

He told the Cannabist, “I figured I’d leave it behind on the desk in case the maid wanted it — you know, positivity. They give you those cylindrical green jars, and I left about a half an eighth and another little bag, maybe a half a gram. It was sealed.”

Louis also ditched a small bubbler in the bathroom trashcan.

A few days later he noticed a $200 charge on his bank statement. The hotel accused him of toking it up in the room.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

“They said it stunk up the room and they couldn’t use it for two days,” he said. “That’s ridiculous. I didn’t even smoke in the room.”

Louis took his case to Twitter where he caught the attention of the hotel’s concierge service, who ultimately made things right, but not before trying to get him to pay half of the fine.

“I told them, ‘Hey, let us know (not to leave it behind), and we won’t leave it behind.’ Some of us appreciate what’s happening in Colorado. We’re not going there to break the law or cause any trouble for anybody else. They offered to meet me halfway, and I refused because I didn’t think that was fair. I went to Twitter and got into contact with Hyatt’s concierge account. They got details from me and then made a call to the hotel in Denver and made it good. When I heard that, it calmed me down.”

He said he’ll head back to Colorado again for his next vacation, noting that he’s choosing them over New Mexico or Utah due to cannabis legalization.

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