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Texas ties for third among states with the most marijuana consumers

According a study done by the federal government, you may be surprised at how Texas ranks among other states when it comes to how many people consume cannabis on a monthly basis.

In survey where federal researchers asked people 12 years of age and older whether or not they consumed marijuana in the past month, Rhode Island came out on top in percentage, with 13% of all respondents confirming they had. The 18 to 25 age group led the pack, with 30% of that group saying they had consumed within the past month.

Just over 1 million people live in Rhode Island, meaning roughly 130,000 people there are toking it up.

So where did Texas end up ranking in all of this? About 5.11% of all respondents answered in the affirmative, a percentage considerably less than Rhode Island. In fact, among percentages, this ranks Texas near the bottom as 46th in the nation, just in front of Alabama, Louisiana, Utah, and Kansas.

For each age group answering yes, it works out 6.32% of 12-17 year-olds, 13.76% of those 18-25, and 3.3% of ages 25 and up.

With a population of 25,145,561 though, this works out to nearly 1.3 million people age 12 and up who consumed marijuana in Texas the past month.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Where does that rank Texas among total monthly consumers? Virtually tied for third with Florida, right behind California, which boasts just over 3.4 million consumers, and New York with 1.6 million.

Nationally, 7.13% answered yes, which accounts for almost 22.4 million people.

Virtually every poll shows a majority support for marijuana legalization, with Public Policy Polling marking support in Texas at 58%.

Bills for penalty reduction, medical marijuana, and full legalization are expected to be introduced in the 2015 Texas legislative session.

By: Stephen Carter

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