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Top Texas marijuana opponent loses re-election bid

Denton County Sheriff Will Travis. Photo by Denton Record Chronicle
Denton County Sheriff Will Travis. Photo by Denton Record Chronicle

The leading voice against marijuana law reform in Texas has lost his bid for re-election in Denton County.

Sheriff Will Travis lost by just over 10,000 votes in his attempt to gain a second term to the new Republican nominee Tracy Murphree.

Travis traveled to the state legislature multiple times last year to oppose marijuana and hemp bills, and at one point was confused on the difference between the two.

He also took major blows during a radio debate in San Antonio with marijuana activists from Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition and Texas NORML.

Mailers sent out by his campaign touted his opposition to marijuana law reform and the steps he had taken to oppose it.

Travis was also the subject of an ethics investigation involving bribery and lost multiple local endorsements. He was recently involved in an incident where he claimed that he was related to William Travis who fought at the Alamo, and that has since been called into question as well.

Outspending Murphree by more than 2-to-1, Travis also lost the support of his own deputies, who reportedly endorsed Murphree.

One medical cannabis patient organization that took issue with Travis’ actions at the legislature was Team Alexis, an organization that began based on a then 9-year-old girl, Alexis Bortell, who was suffering from severe seizures but found relief with medical cannabis oils in Colorado.

Dean Bortell, Alexis’ father, released a statement today about Travis’ failed re-election bid.

Last night was a historic night for Texas patients as one of their biggest opponents was voted out of office. We thank the good people of Texas for removing a Sheriff who was openly against Texas’s most vulnerable citizens which included very sick children like Alexis Bortell.

While it is our policy to thank public servants for their service, in this specific case we will respectfully pass and instead take great pride knowing that the two remaining candidates have never testified before the Texas Legislature that propaganda, illness, and death should prevail over science and compassion. Thank you Denton Texas!

Murphree will face the Libertarian Party candidate Randy Butler in November.

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