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Texas military veterans say marijuana helps with PTSD

Veterans say marijuana is saving lives, but here in Texas, smoking a joint to treat post traumatic stress disorder makes them criminals. Some hope our war heroes will play a role in changing minds at the state capitol.

Leaving combat experiences behind is tough.

“I don’t believe you can go through something like that and not be affected in some way,” said a veteran named Josh.

Josh did three tours as an Army sniper. He’s been shot at seen buddies killed and had to dodge grenades. His new battle is back in Houston, fighting sleeplessness, anxiety and anger.

“If people are doing something stupid on the roads, which is often, I lose it. Sometimes I would do that in front of my kids. I could tell they were like, ‘That’s not like daddy,'” he said.

Desperate, Josh has found relief in pot twice a day. The one thing he says helps treat his PTSD makes him a criminal in Texas.

Read more: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/story/25907374/some-military-veterans-say-marijuana-is-saving-lives

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