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Texas news outlet struggles to find opposition to marijuana legalization

Amarillo Cannabis Culture

A news outlet in the Texas panhandle thought that they wouldn’t have any trouble finding opposition to marijuana legalization in the area, however it turns out they were wrong, and admitted as much.

News Channel 10 of Amarillo covered a new group in the area called Amarillo Cannabis Culture, which told the news outlet that they understood that they would be facing an uphill battle.

Channel 10 set out to find out just how hard of an uphill battle the group faced, however after 12 interviews, they were unable to find any opposition to legalization.

A video clip on their website shows that they did finally find one man, Pace Lawson, in opposition to it, who says that he struggled with marijuana addiction as a teenager, and claims that it harmed his grades, social life, and health in the process.

Lawson, a drug abuse counselor and founder of Options Recovery in Amarillo, said he disagrees with the organization’s tactics.

“I think their argument is somewhat hollow,” Lawson said. “And I think it serves a purpose of them trying to gain momentum in attempting to get it legalized in Texas. So they’re just trying to sell us on the benefits without addressing the harm. Marijuana causes conflict in families, and like I said before, lungs, the brain, education.”

Many consumers of marijuana however have turned to other forms of consumption, including vaporization, which is far healthier than smoking it. Studies have also shown that in states where marijuana has been made legal, teen usage of the plant has decreased.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Two other locals are presented in the video as well, one resident who lamented the fact that Texas is already behind other states which have already legalized. So far Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, D.C. have all legalized cannabis for recreational consumption.

Another resident said that he would like to see marijuana legalized in hopes that it would stop the damage being done currently by synthetic drugs, which have landed people in the hospital all over the state.

“One of the ways their keeping children away from the harder drugs is to keep them away from the dealer,” Jan Jenkins, a member of Amarillo Cannabis Culture, said. “In Amarillo if you hook up with your dealer for marijuana and then you want to go on to a stronger drug, you’re going to get your dealer to get it. Now in a state where marijuana is regulated, you don’t go in a dispensary and buy cocaine or heroin.”

The group held a rally on Monday, April 20 and says that it had about 500 attendees.

They say that many of their members have never consumed marijuana, but are advocates of changing marijuana laws in Texas.

By: Stephen Carter

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