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Texas police chief arrested for stealing marijuana evidence

Photo Credit Breitbart Texas / Ildefonso Ortiz
Photo Credit Breitbart Texas / Ildefonso Ortiz

Two officers in a Texas border town, including the chief of police, were arrested in connection to theft of marijuana from an evidence locker.

Sullivan Police Chief Miguel Angel Martinez and officer Angel De La Mora were both charged this week after a state investigation.

Court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed that Martinez was formally charged with one count of theft by a public servant and two counts of abuse of official capacity. De La Mora was formally charged with one count of possession of marijuana, two counts theft by a public servant, and two counts of abuse of official capacity.

It is alleged that in May 2015 De La Mora went into the department’s evidence room and took a small amount of marijuana while Martinez and other officers looked on. One of those officers reported the incident to the Texas rangers, which prompted an investigation.

Breitbart reports,

Sullivan is a small border city that has become one of the main drug corridors used by the Gulf Cartel. The bustling drug and human trafficking activity has allowed local law enforcement to be responsible for multi-ton seizures on a regular basis. The activity has also resulted in a revolving door of sorts where several law enforcement officials have been caught in illicit activity.

In 2012 De La Mora was investigated by internal affairs after fellow officers found him snorting cocaine at a local strip club. He failed a drug test and ultimately resigned in order to avoid punishment, however he was later re-hired by the department.

Also in 2012 a video surfaced on YouTube of De La Mora yelling expletives in Spanish at a car being driven by drug smugglers and waving his gun out of the window. He was not reprimanded for the incident however.

Sullivan is located near the bottom tip of Texas.

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