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Texas police urge people to not settle for 'second rate dope'

Rusk Police DepartmentThe Rusk Police Department released a statement the other day urging people to turn in their “sub-par drug dealers” and that they should not settle for “second rate dope.”

Hey Everybody!!! If you have a drug dealer that is selling you bunk dope, stemmy or seedy weed, or generally providing low quality of service – WE WANT TO KNOW!!! Demand more from your dealer! Do not let them get away with sub-par drug sales. WE CAN HELP!! Call our Drug Enforcement Unit and provide their names so we can check on their poor standards of service.

Don’t want to be identified? We can help here too! Call the Rusk Police Department at 903-683-2677 (cops) as callers do NOT have to reveal their identities. Do not stand for second rate dope! With your help we can run these untrustworthy drug peddlers out of town!

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

No word on whether or not anyone has called in.

Police in Copperas Cove recently posted on their Facebook page urging the owner of some marijuana a person found outside their home to contact the department so that they could reunited them with their property.

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