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Texas Republican Party on the verge of officially supporting medical marijuana

republican_party_of_texas_elephantlogoTexas Republicans could soon be officially supporting medical marijuana.

Presented on Tuesday to a sub-committee at the GOP state convention, a five delegate panel discussed a proposal to officially add a plank to the state party’s platform to support medical marijuana.

The measure failed in a 3-2 vote, however one member was able to revive the issue and bring it to the 32 member platform committee. The Healthcare and Nutritional Supplements plank of the proposed 2014 RPT Platform would allow Texas doctors to prescribe marijuana as a controlled narcotic.

The amendment was proposed by Danny Pelton, who represents Senate District 30

Texas Cannabis Report spoke with one of the people who were there helping to rally support for the measure, Coleman Hemphill.

With his help, and testimony from an OB-Gyn, a mother seeking medical marijuana for her child’s bi-polar disorder, and several other people in attendance including Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition founder Ann Lee, the matter was put to another vote, which deadlocked at 16-16. Heavy emphasis was put on personal experiences during testimony.

A tie-breaking vote was cast by the committee chairman, in favor of adding medical marijuana to the party platform.

The matter still needs to clear convention however, and it is currently unknown when that vote will take place, but it could happen on Saturday, June 7.

This comes just after a congressional vote on a federal amendment which would help put a stop to federal raids on state-compliant medical marijuana operations. It passed with a strong majority. Congressman Steve Stockman was the lone Texas GOP vote in support of the amendment, and he was accompanied by seven Texas Democrats. Stockman also co-sponsored the amendment.

Hemphill stated in a phone interview that if Republicans did not act on this matter, as the Democrats already have, the GOP will lose young voters. In 2012 the Texas Democratic Party added marijuana decriminalization to their platform. The Libertarian Party of Texas has been supportive of medical marijuana for quite some time as well with a plank concerning the matter in their own platform.

There is also a possibility that a plank could be added supporting hemp legalization as well.

Many families have already moved from Texas to Colorado seeking medical marijuana to help their children. Parents have found great relief from cannabis to treat seizures and many other disorders.

By: Stephen Carter
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  1. June 6, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    Federally marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug. It has no medical use and can’t be prescribed. In the 23 states with effective medical marijuana law the dispensing is done over the counter, from a doctor’s recommendation, in writing. As it turns out there’s a big difference in recommending marijuana and prescribing it. This isn’t a platform they can actually implement.