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Texas seniors holding conference call about marijuana

Texas NORML Senior Alliance
Texas NORML Senior Alliance

A conference call later this month to discuss marijuana issues which impact seniors in Texas will be held by the Texas NORML Senior Alliance.

The group, headed up by Dawn McDowell Brooks, has traditionally held meetings at an Austin library. Interest from seniors around the state is up however and Brooks believes the conference call will be easier to participate in given that Texas covers 268,597 square miles.

Earlier in the year the organization made several trips to the state legislature while it was in session to educate legislators on the issue of marijuana and how it can medically benefit seniors. Those age 55 and older account for one of the strongest voter blocs in Texas, making their presence at the capitol have that much more of an impact.

“We are a generation who has been waiting for change, in some instances, since the ’60s. We’ve experienced and seen the horrors of the ’70s and Nixon’s drug wars and some have been on the front lines for decades trying to make cannabis legal,” Brooks says. “We are now at a point in our lives where if a person chooses to opt to use cannabis versus a prescribed medication (or to augment it), they should be allowed to do so.”

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

“We are a generation that has conditions which are more prevalent to us: Arthritis, Dementia, Glaucoma, IBS, cancer treatment, PTSD, and on and on. There are thousands of seniors who are smoking behind closed doors in fear of what would happen if they were found out. Is that a way to live in our ‘golden years?’”

She describes this conference call as “an opportunity for seniors to sit back, in the comfort of their own home, and hear what’s going on within the cannabis movement and, more importantly, the steps that are in place to help make the changes we need in our cannabis laws.”

The call will last about an hour and provide a brief overview of the group, progress made so far, upcoming elections and a voting guide, and how to get more involved with the organization.

To join the conference call on Thursday, November 30 which will begin at 7 pm, dial 641-715-3580 and when prompted for the access code, dial 844552. From there you can mute your phone, turn on the speaker, and listen in. At certain points during the call you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

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