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Texas Sheriff's Association opposes marijuana legalization

Sheriffs Association of TexasThe Texas Sheriff’s Associated voted on Monday to officially oppose marijuana legalization in Texas.

Convening at their annual training conference and expo, this year in San Antonio, members of sheriff departments from around Texas talked about many issues in the state.

With marijuana legalized in two states already and several more potentially legalizing during the November elections this year, it’s a hot topic.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Denton County Sheriff Will Travis led a vote among other sheriffs Monday, passing a resolution opposing the legalization of weed to the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas Legislative Committee. The resolution, which was proposed by Travis, was passed unanimously.

“Our Texas Sheriffs will send a loud and clear message to the Legislature that we firmly oppose the legalization of marijuana,” he said. “We must protect the children and families of Texas from any effort to legalize marijuana.”

Interestingly enough, the renown newspaper company made a strong case for changing marijuana laws in Texas for the better.

The group plans to oppose any efforts to change marijuana laws in the 2015 state legislative session.

It is expected that activist groups working together as a coalition, including Marijuana Policy Project, Texas NORML, DFW NORML, Texans for Accountable Government, and Drug Policy Alliance, will seek to pass laws decreasing the penalty for marijuana possession, legalizing the plant for medicinal use, and full legalization.

By: Stephen Carter

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