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Texas to seek death penalty after no-knock drug raid finds no drugs

Marvin Louis Guy is charged with capital murder and three counts of attempted capital murder after he shot officers during a no-knock raid which turn up no drugs.

Prosecutors in Texas are seeking the death penalty for a man who shot and killed an officer during an early morning no-knock drug raid which turned up no drugs.

Attempting to serve a search warrant by entering a house through a window got Detective Charles Dinwiddie shot and killed last May after a raid took place at 5:30 in the morning in Killeen. Three other officers were also shot.

The police had a search warrant looking for narcotics at the home of Marvin Louis Guy, 49.

Officers found a glass pipe, a grinder for marijuana, and a pistol.

There were no drugs in the house.

An informant told police that there were bags of cocaine inside the home.

Guy is also charged with three counts of attempted capital murder as well.

Bell County District Attorney Henry Garza says he’ll seek the death penalty.

He is being held on a $4.5 million bond in Bell County Jail.

Earlier this year a San Antonio man was acquitted for shooting at officers during a no-knock drug raid which turned up a small amount of drugs.

Last December, Henry Goedrich Magee was sleeping peacefully with his pregnant girlfriend when authorities entered his home in a “no-knock” raid around 6 a.m. With no warning, or search warrant, police swarmed Magee’s home searching for marijuana and guns. Magee believed the police were thieves and reached for his gun, which he legally owned. He opened fire and shot Sgt. Adam Sowders, who died at the scene.

A grand jury later declined to indict him for the shooting.

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