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Texas woman thrown out of church for supporting marijuana legalization

Faith BodleA woman from Beaumont says that her church kicked her out after members of the congregation saw her on the news voicing support marijuana legalization in Texas.

Faith Bodle said she uses cannabis extract, an oil derived from marijuana, to treat illnesses like degenerative spine disease, congestive heart failure and arthritis.

Bodle spoke to a local news station at the arraignment of Jeremy Bourque, who is facing trial on marijuana charges. Bodle was there showing her support for the legalization and medicinal use of cannabis.

Not long after being seen on the news, her pastor at Beaumont Seventh Day Adventist Church sent a letter asking that she stop using and promoting marijuana. Six weeks later, the congregation decided to revoke her membership.

The letter to Bodle states that the church does not promote the use of addictive drugs whether they’re legal or not.


Bodle’s son, Jason Falconbridge, who is involved with a local group of activists working to reform the state’s marijuana laws, said he’s disappointed in their decision since cannabis is the only pain relief his mom can find.

“She’s got a beautiful heart and to see her ostracized makes me angry,” Falconbridge said.

Falconbridge read a letter written from his mother’s doctor and pointed out that he mentioned “she takes the extract for medicinal and not recreational purposes,” and that the doctor believes “she has benefited from taking this supplement and it has improved her quality of life.”

Bodle said for her it’s not about anger.

“It’s about bringing relief from pain and suffering, and that’s what’s Jesus wants. He doesn’t want to see his children suffer, and that’s why he created this awesome plant,” Bodle said.

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