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Third major poll shows majority favor marijuana legalization, 86% favor medical use

CannabisA recently released CBS poll shows 51% of Americans support marijuana legalization. This is the third major poll in three months to show a majority support, following Gallup at 58% and CNN at 55%.

This also follows Public Policy Polling showing 58% of Texans supporting legalization.

A majority of all demographics under the age of 65 support reforming our cannabis laws with the exception of women, who support legalization at 46%. Of the poll respondents, 44% opposed legalization, which is down from 51% in October of 2011.

Factoring in political affiliation, most Democrats (59 percent), independents (54 percent), liberals (72 percent), and moderates (54 percent), support legalizing marijuana use. However, most Republicans (61 percent) and conservatives (61 percent) oppose legalizing marijuana, though support has risen among these groups as well.

This does not factor in those who are Libertarian, who largely oppose the criminalization of marijuana.

CBS first asked this question in 1979 and 69% opposed legalization while 27% supported it.

Support is even stronger for medical marijuana with 86% of Americans responding in favor of medicinal use of the cannabis plant.

Asked about the issue of federal versus state law, a majority believe the federal government should stay out of the matter with 62% saying marijuana laws should be left up to the states.

That being said, while a clear majority supports marijuana legalization, many remain largely uninformed on the matter.

By: Stephen Carter
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