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Trip through Texas requires camouflage for pot vehicles

The 420 Truth Car and Blaze the Tahoe at the 2014 Dallas St. Patrick's Day parade.
The 420 Truth Car and Blaze the Tahoe at the 2014 Dallas St. Patrick’s Day parade.

While police in north Texas are friendly towards the marijuana mobiles, the rest of the state isn’t as well acquainted with them.

Known as both the 420 Truth Car and Blaze The Tahoe,  a former police interceptor and a SUV have been modified to help promote marijuana law reform in Texas, specifically the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The vehicles, owned by attorney David Sloane, and operated by the non-proft DFW NORML, have been driven all over much of the state. When in north Texas, officers are very much aware of these vehicles and don’t pay them much mind, however they’re not as well known outside of the area, and that could cause problems for those driving and riding in them.

Recently a group of activists made two visits to Houston in the Tahoe, and they decided it would probably be best to drive incognito.

The group placed magnet covers on all of the large marijuana leafs and logos in order to deter unnecessary attention from law enforcement. While officers would not have found anything illegal with the vehicle, the group didn’t want to deal with several stops which would have turned a four hour trek to Houston into a much longer journey.

This highlights a problem for people, as they can be profiled on Texas roads just because they sport a marijuana related bumper sticker or decal, causing lost time and an erosion of trust in law enforcement.

Going to and from Houston each time, the group was never bothered, despite having one of the magnets fly off during one of their return trips. On the way back without any cover for the large pot leaf on the hood of the vehicle, two state troopers did at one point pass the group by, but didn’t seem to pay them any mind.

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