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Veteran and activist Clif Deuvall talks medical marijuana with Waco news channel

With the latest filing of a medical cannabis bill with the state senate, News Channel 25 out of Waco spoke with Clif Deuvall, Executive Director for NORML of Waco, and a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Deuvall was on hand Tuesday for the press conference at the state capitol building in Austin when State Senator Jose Menendez filed SB 269. In all, nine bills have been filed on the subject of cannabis with the state legislature, which is gearing up for its next session in January 2017.

He says that medical cannabis will save lives in Texas, and spoke of his own battle with methodone, which took his quality of life for several years.

“The more they know the less they’ll fear it, and the less they fear it, the better it will be for a lot of people” Deuvall says.

The bill will allow doctors to recommend cannabis to their patients for an array of severe and chronic health issues.

“I don’t understand why this particular set of molecules that make up cannabis are any different than an aspirin or than hydromorphone or than anything else that’s required,” Menendez said.

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