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Veteran denied rifle purchase for pot bust 42 years ago

Armed with a rifle and much more during his 20 years of service with the United States Army, 59 year old Ron Kelly is now denied the ability to purchase even a .22 long rifle.

Due to a conviction for possessing cannabis in high school all the way back in 1971 when he was 17, the man from Texas, a state renown for its support of gun rights and the military, has essentially had his rights stripped away from him.

When applying to purchase the .22 rifle from Walmart in Tomball, the FBI denied his application, even though Kelly had top-secret clearance during his service.

“I am ashamed of the way my government has treated me,” said Kelly, who served as an infantryman as well as a scout and drill sergeant. “The government may have the greatest of intentions with the (law,) but they messed it up.”

While people receive convictions for alcohol related offenses, their gun rights are not stripped. This is not the case for a cannabis conviction, which out and out amounts to a denial of rights.

A non-violent conviction should never lead to a person losing their rights, especially the right of self defense with a firearm.

If Kelly can’t be trusted to purchase a rifle now, why is it we were able to trust him while he served our country? It doesn’t add up.

Get the whole story at the Houston Chronicle: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Retired-soldier-can-t-buy-rifle-over-1971-pot-4655871.php?t=939689e37b

By: Stephen Carter
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