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(Video) Medical Marijuana in Texas: How it could affect you in 2015

Medical marijuana may very well be coming to Texas this year due to the efforts of a coalition of groups. There’s a lot of questions surrounding what the medical cannabis program being pushed will allow, and what won’t be allowed.

Texas Cannabis Report sat down with Heather Fazio who is the Texas Political Director of Marijuana Policy Project, one of the groups involved with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, the organization behind both a medical marijuana bill, and a decriminalization bill which has already been filed.

We asked her a series of questions about the medical bill, including who would be covered, whether or not patients would be permitted to grow medicine at home, what the limit will be on possession, how law enforcement will handle stops which involve medical cannabis, the existence of concentrates such as edibles and tinctures, its effects on public safety, whether or not patients will be protected in the work place, and how patients from other states will be included.

Listen to the interview below to hear the answers.

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