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(Video) Obama press secretary pokes fun at marijuana question

Fielding questions at a White House press conference, deputy press secretary Josh Earnest was called to answer a question about Obama’s view on marijuana considering the recent reversal by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the subject.

Rather than make an effort at a serious reply, he decided to make fun of the question instead. Below is the question asked by CQ Roll Call reporter Steve Dennis and Earnest’s response.

“Before going to Martha’s Vineyard, Sanjay Gupta had an interesting column in CNN about marijuana – changed his mind. He had been at one point considered by the President to be the surgeon general pick a number of years ago. I’m wondering if the White House has any reaction to that column and also if the President has been personally looking at that issue, given that the polls on marijuana have changed quite a bit since he took office in favor of legalization. Is there any change in his outlook on it?”

Earnest replied, “Steve, when I called on you I don’t think I could ever have predicted that this was the question you were going to ask me. That’s really in the potpourri category of questions for this one. I have to confess I did not see the Sanjay Gupta column that you’re referring to, so it’s hard for me to comment on it at this point.”

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

It’s quite convenient that he hasn’t seen Gupta’s recent report on cannabis. For all the hope and change, with the Obama administration it seems to be hypocrisy and more of the same.


Fielding the same question for a second day today,  Earnest had an answer this time stating “the president does not at this point support a change in the law. While the prosecution of drug traffickers remains an important priority, the president and the administration believe that targeting individual marijuana users — especially those with serious illnesses and their caregivers — is not the best allocation of federal law enforcement resources.”

Watch the video of the exchange below.

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