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Waco based marijuana organization performs community service on adopted highway

NORML of Waco performed community service by picking up trash along the side of their adopted highway.
NORML of Waco performed community service by picking up trash along the side of their adopted highway. This is one of two drop off points where trash is piled for the state to pick up.

Volunteering your time is an excellent way of ensuring that your community is better off. In the case of a Waco, Tx based non-profit NORML organization, they have become leaders in their community by performing charity and community service work.

Just this past Saturday the group spent a few hours cleaning up their two mile stretch of adopted highway, picking up roughly 250 pounds of litter.

It was pretty hot for a Saturday morning, but bright and early starting at 9 a.m. this eager group comprised of a wide array of ages and genders set out to help make their community a better place to live in.

In a way it breaks the stereotype of the lazy stoner who cares for nothing but getting high and sitting on the couch. In a world where few people volunteer their time, determined people such as the NORML of Waco Inc. group have decided that if they want a better world, they have to get out there and work for it, pouring their own sweat, heart and soul into ensuring this.

Director of the organization Clif Deuvall takes great pride in the work they do and the people who help make it possible.

“Community involvement is an integral cog of our organization. The adopt-a-highway program is just one of our many projects to serve the community and state” Deuvall states.

This quarterly event is just one facet of the organization’s service works, as the group raises money for various charities, holds clothing and food drives, and performs outreach work to veterans and veteran groups. The group is also looking into doing some sort of BBQ after seeing the major success of DFW NORML’s recent BBQ at the Dallas Veteran’s Affairs Hospital.

Of course there are many ways to perform community services, one of which is educating people about the laws both federal and state when it comes to marijuana. Members of the group also reach out to other organizations as they travel to speak on the topic of cannabis.

The group looks forward to its next major fundraiser as they hold their annual Halloween Bash and costume contest at C&R Sports Bar in Waco.

What was the oddest find of the day while picking up trash? The last time out the group found a toilet seat and a sink. This time it was a gas line pole and sign, a license plate, and a box of surgical gloves. For more pictures of the event click here.

By: Stephen Carter
Contact Stephen via email at TXCann@gmail.com

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