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Waco restaurant scene of marijuana theft, shooting

A marijuana transaction turned into an attempted robbery complete with a shooting at a restaurant in Waco earlier this month.

Police have arrested Eric Brooks, 19, for aggravated assault after he and another suspect tried to rob Deondre Jashawn Degrate while trying to buy marijuana. In his attempt to flee into the restaurant, Degrate was shot in the back twice.

“He, our victim, goes with the intent and purpose to meet somebody and make a drug transaction at another location, but he got a little uncomfortable, so they ended up going to BJ’s to pick up an employee of BJ’s who had nothing to do with the drug deal, but that is why they happened to be there,” Swanton said. “Then the drug deal was back on while they were there picking up the employee, so (Degrate) went back outside to do the drug deal, met with two guys at his vehicle, and that is when the altercation ensued.”

It is currently unknown who fired the shots.

Brooks was already in custody at the time of his arrest for participating in the gang rape of a mentally disabled woman.

The incident occurred at BJ’s Brewhouse, which is located about a mile down the road from the site of the Twin Peaks shootout.

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