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Whole Foods Market endorses hemp legalization in Texas

Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market

The Austin-based grocer Whole Foods Market has publicly endorsed hemp legalization in Texas.

A supermarket chain specializing in organic food which first opened in 1980, several hemp products can be found in their stores.

According to a recent statement by Errol Schweizer, “Whole Foods Market is excited to hear about HB 1322, which allows farmers to grow industrial hemp via permits from the Texas Department of Agriculture.”

The grocer is interested in purchasing hemp grown in Texas, a product which currently must be imported.

Hemp can be used to make products, and sold for a variety of uses including human consumption in Texas, however it cannot be grown in the Lone Star State.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Schweizer went on to say “local programs are a top priority and it allows us to partner and forge long term working relationships with suppliers right in our back yard.”

HB 1322 is currently waiting to be voted on in the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee. Another hemp related bill, HB 557 which legalizes hemp for research purposes, has already passed unanimously out of committee. Both bills were heard by committee members at the same time.

According to Kate Neu, a representative of the grocery chain, “Whole Foods Market offers several hundred hemp items from well over 100 brands in grocery and Whole Body. It’s a major growth category and we expect our customers in Texas would respond well – like customers in our other regions have – if hemp products were made available in our TX stores.”

By: Stephen Carter

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