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Why Women Fight For Marijuana Legalization

Though the stereotypical marijuana user is often a man, marijuana, in fact, has specific healing properties for women. It can treat menstrual cramps, ease pain from contractions during childbirth and even function as an aphrodisiac.

Despite marijuana’s female-specific benefits, support for marijuana legalization among American women — whether it be medicinal or personal use — has long lagged behind that of men by about 5 to 10 percentage points.

But as marijuana’s medicinal powers for children gain international attention and myths associated with the drug and those who use it are debunked, female support for marijuana legalization is increasing. Women are coming out of the “cannabis closet” in order to prove marijuana is not just for boys and using the substance doesn’t make women bad people or inadequate mothers. Read more

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Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter is a journalist and information technology specialist living in Waco, Texas. He has been working with the cannabis movement since 2009. He founded Texas Cannabis Report in 2013 to bring Texans accurate cannabis related news.

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